• Image of Capture The Energy of Life: Connecting with Your Intuition and Emotions
  • Image of Capture The Energy of Life: Connecting with Your Intuition and Emotions
  • Image of Capture The Energy of Life: Connecting with Your Intuition and Emotions
  • Image of Capture The Energy of Life: Connecting with Your Intuition and Emotions

"When I worked as a designer “Form Follows Function,” the famous Bauhaus axiom, was our daily mantra; any design object without a purpose is useless. Designers can easily get lost in the superficial and forget that something must lie below a beautiful surface. I have internalized this principle and it rings just as true for me in photography. “Form” in photography is made up of the visual elements: light, color, composition while “function” is the subject matter, the theme. A strong photo combines both in a compelling way.

A photo without application of design elements is a snapshot. The moment may be significant, but its significance cannot be transmitted if the image does not invite observation. On the other hand, if a photo is carefully created with beautiful light, compelling colors and perfect composition but is lacking in significance, it leaves the beholder disappointed, with the feeling that something is missing.

This doesn’t mean images of just a shadow or beautiful light are meaningless — to make things even more complicated, light, shadow or composition can actually become the subject matter of your photo. Photography is about translating what you feel and see into a composed frame. Light, color composition and other visual elements are the tools.

Anybody can apply them, but there is no one else with your unique perception of the world and your personal reasons to document it, no one who selects the same visual elements to enhance their vision. When you become aware of what these are and are able to keep this channel open, connecting with your inner truth and the world around you, the rest will follow easily. Then you will be able to take unique and interesting photos."

What To Take Away:
Over 20 exercises to broaden your perception
Tips on how to connect with your own intuition and emotions
Insight into Sonja's street photography
See how Sonja connects with children

Material Included:
142 Page PDF
BTS video with Sonja shooting in Barcelona
BONUS PDF filled with images from Sonja's BTS shoot
BTS video with Sonja teaching how to look for interesting scenes
Playlist of songs that evoke emotion for Sonja

A Look into The Syllabus:
About This Workshop
Your Inner Whisper
Form Follows Function
Your Unique Expression

Section I: Let The Energy flow
Connect with yourself
Unique motivation
Awaken your senses

Section II: Connect with The World
What is interesting
Subject matter
The energy of a place
The elements
The ordinary — your life
New or unexpected
Embrace the mess

Section III: Capturing The Energy of People
How I connect with my children
Photographing strangers
Mindful perception on the street
Anticipation, Chance and Serendipity
My camera settings for street photography

Section IV: Create Your Image
Make the magic visible
Light and shadow
Color and emotion
Complexity and visual layers

Section V: Let it Shine
Editing with intuition in Lightroom
Expression with post processing
Style and genre

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