• Image of Active Seat: The Family Experience: Bridging the gap in posing and storytelling with Winnie Bruce
  • Image of Active Seat: The Family Experience: Bridging the gap in posing and storytelling with Winnie Bruce
  • Image of Active Seat: The Family Experience: Bridging the gap in posing and storytelling with Winnie Bruce
  • Image of Active Seat: The Family Experience: Bridging the gap in posing and storytelling with Winnie Bruce
  • Image of Active Seat: The Family Experience: Bridging the gap in posing and storytelling with Winnie Bruce

Class Starts: July 16th, 2017
Class Ends: August 12th, 2017
Teacher: Winnie Bruce

Photographing families can sometimes be very stressful, but there’s a way to do it without putting too much stress on you and your clients. In this workshop, learn how to prep your family clients from start to finish: from inquiry to image delivery, during the shoot, and your web presence and communication. Come join me and let’s bridge the gap between portraits and lifestyle. There’s a way to do both, and include both in just one session. Retain workflow, and storytelling for your family clientele, by focusing on emotion and light.

In this workshop, we will also go over how I have built a web presence that conveys my genuine desire fore my clients to get the best of their family’s emotions and personalities, how I find and approach my market, and how I pose, and also, un-pose during the shoot. Solidifying branding importance, down to products offered, logos, pricing structure, and how to work in a pricing structure that can work for both in person sales, or digital delivery. Learn how to light your image to get dreamy lit imagery, from backlit, to dramatic dark and moody edits. Learn how to use photoshop and adobe camera raw edits, and apply a film inspired edit to your images.


Define workflow for your family portraits that includes when the optimal time is for family sessions, and how to help your clients dress for their session.

Learn to pose your clientele while still getting genuine emotions – get real life moments in a posed session.

Create a pricing structure that will cater to both digital products and print products. Learn how to set up a payment structure and break in to the boutique market – moving away from shoot and burn.

Learn how to choose products that your clients will love, while also reflecting your branding.

Find out how to retain a loyal clientele, and focusing more on building relationships. Learn what questions to ask, and what information is needed.

Develop a workflow of your sessions from inquiry to image delivery.

Learn important tools in Photoshop while also achieve film like editing in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw.


150 page PDF
1 Shooting video
3 Editing videos
2 ACR presets
1 Lightroom Preset
2 Photoshop actions (for CC)
A discount code for a future mentoring with Winnie Bruce


Section I
Work on your client workflow for your clients. Start focusing on how to organize business from inquiry to booking

Put together email templates to make communication more streamlined

Make your website a place to be for your clients, and for your clients to be able to easily access all of your information

The Client Guide

Social media presence

How to approach the right market, and why they are the proper market for us

Blogging importance

How to reach out to your local area

Assignment: Let’s check your social media and web presence. Make your online presence say you are there to offer your very best for THEM.

Section II:
Developing your pricing

Discussing prints vs digital IPS or all inclusive – how to make pricing modules work together

Learn how to presenting pricing to your clients – plus what to consider when putting together pricing

Products – why to choose the products you choose.

Packaging your products

Assignment: Restructuring pricing in order to offer goods and services that accommodate both you and your clients

Section III:
Create an experience that is seamless for your client

Put together a styling and session guide for your clientele, while making it easy for
them to read through it

Tips on what to expect for your clients

Location scouting and what to remember when picking out a location

Camera settings and lenses

Finding the light – finding the ideal time and location for optimizing light

Shooting tips – posing and lifestyle

The family session workflow – how to use it for every session and how to modify it for every session.

Body language

Assignment: Applying styling and posing workflow into your session

Section IV:
Bringing images into ACR or LR

Let’s talk color space – why calibrating your monitor is important

Editing your images in ACR and Photoshop

Learning about curves, levels, sharpening, cropping, brushes, clean edits, film edits

Sharpening for print and web

Assignment: Editing an image with a clean edit, editing an image with a film edit

Where is the class located?
This course is held 100% online. There is a dedicated Facebook group held specifically for Winnie’s class where discussions and peer review is also welcomed. Weekly LIVE classes will be held through an offsite website; link to be provided in the Facebook group. All LIVE classes will be recorded and uploaded into the Facebook group for those unable to attend. A free Dropbox account will be needed to turn in assignments and receive feedback.

Who is this class for?
This class is for the photographer that is wanting to start the transition into the family portrait business, or the artist that needs a refresher and wants to break away from stressful poses, and learn how to read the stories being told to them. This class will help students streamline their business with organization, pricing and managing their clients.

What are the prerequisites for this course?
To get the most out of the course, attendees are encouraged to have manual camera shooting mode, interest in starting a website for your business, and have some background in Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, or Photoshop.

How long does this class last?
This course is a four week interactive, learning experience. Weekly LIVE classes will be held with Winnie, as well as weekly assignments and feedback. Course dates are July 16th - August 12th

Will there be assignments?
Yes, throughout the course Winnie has provided assignments that follow along with the material. These assignments will be turned in via Dropbox for Winnie to provide feedback, as well as peer advice in the Facebook group.

What is the difference between an active seat and a silent seat?
During the course, only active students will be able to turn in assignments and receive feedback from Winnie personally. Both active and silent students receive all the material that Winnie has provided.

Class starts July 16th, 2016 and runs through August 12th, 2016. All workshop material is covered by BTW copyright 2017. No material is eligible for re-sale or to be taught in personal workshops. All exclusive rights belong to Beyond the Wanderlust and Winnie Bruce - Any questions please email Jessica at beyondthewanderlust@gmail.com

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